About Balance Natural Medicine

Balance Natural Medicine is founded by Dr. Abby Egginton.

Trained as a primary care provider, Dr. Egginton is enthusiastic about offering general Naturopathic family care. She specializes in Oncology, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, LGBT health and the microbiome.

Naturopathic medicine works to understand the underlying cause of symptoms and disease and Dr. Egginton partners with her patients to find personalized health solutions for lasting wellness. Knowing the importance of prevention, she also works with patients to support innate healing and detoxification to decrease the risk of future disease.

Having grown up in Westchester, she is excited about supporting families in the tri-state area in their journey towards optimum health!

Balance Natural Medicine is a welcoming and safe space for people of all ages, races, religions and gender and sexual orientations.

More about Balance Natural Medicine

“Our Mission is to create a community oriented practice where you and your loved ones can find a more holistic and preventative approach to health and disease and discover evidence-based options for healing and feeling your best.”


Dr. Abby Egginton, ND