Testing and Labs Provided

In addition to conventional labs, Dr. Egginton uses functional medicine testing to explore the root cause of symptoms and to take a proactive approach to preventive health. Examples of these tests include food sensitivity panels, digestive analysis, micronutrient testing and genetic testing, among others. Labs are always optional. Recommended labs and associated fees will be discussed during your appointment. Dr. Egginton receives no money from ordering tests.

The companies she works with to provide this testing include:

  • Genova Diagnostics
  • Spectracell
  • Doctor’s Data
  • Diagnostechs
  • ImmunoLab
  • Pharmasan
  • Allettess

“Our Mission is to create a community oriented practice where you and your loved ones can find a more holistic and preventative approach to health and disease and discover evidence-based options for healing and feeling your best.”


Dr. Abby Egginton, ND