Trained as a primary care provider, Dr. Egginton is enthusiastic about offering general Naturopathic family care. She specializes in Oncology, Women’s Health, Pediatrics, LGBT health and the microbiome. In addition to seeing local families, Dr. Egginton works patients virtually using telemedicine.

Some of the services provided at Balance Natural Medicine include:

Sick Day Visits
While most appointments with Dr. Egginton are intentionally long enough to address all aspects of your health, this approach is obviously not ideal when you are not feeling well. Dr. Egginton therefore offers shorter visits for when you or your child are acutely unwell but would still like a Naturopathic approach to feeling better.
Family Medicine/Pediatrics

Dr. Egginton enjoys seeing patients of all ages. With her pediatric patients, she makes time to get to know each child and to build trust. She can offer well child exams and sports physicals. Often she is providing adjunctive holistic and/or homeopathic care and introducing families to natural and naturopathic treatment options.

While a more complete list of Conditions Dr. Egginton treats can be viewed here, concerns that often prompt families to establish care with her include digestive issues, allergies, mood or emotional concerns, Lyme disease and frequent illnesses.

Dr. Egginton is also currently offering free initial consultation for teen patients willing to be included in an upcoming book! More information can be found here!

Women’s Health
Dr. Egginton enjoys working with women of all ages to optimize their health by taking a preventive approach and by understanding their individual hormone cycles. Naturopathic medicine is effective for a range of gynecological related conditions including PMS, irregular menses, cervical dysplasia, perimenopause, bone health, depression, anxiety, low libido, headaches and migraines, and menopausal symptoms.

Dr. Egginton’s residency experience working in the cancer center of a university community hospital developed her expertise in all types of cancer and how best to support individuals being treated for cancer. Naturopathic medicine can help lessen side effects and support your health and vitality throughout your experience with cancer. Dr. Egginton’s nutritional advice, botanical expertise and intimate knowledge of various cancer treatments help those dealing with cancer to feel more informed and supported throughout treatment and beyond, helping to reduce risk of recurrence.

Functional Medicine Assessment
While the idea of Functional medicine has grown in popularity in recent years, Naturopathic Doctors have been practicing Functional medicine for over a hundred years. When taking a Functional approach to health, the goal is to identify the root causes of disease or imbalance in the body and to truly understand how best to eliminate symptoms, rather than to simply mask them with medications. This approach can work for a range of health conditions including mood and emotional health concerns, hormone imbalances or other chronic health issues. Identifying imbalances and deficiencies contributing to symptoms often involves lab testing that may not be available through your primary care doctor.
What we eat each day has a huge impact on our health. This is empowering but can also be overwhelming given the plethora of nutrition advice out there! An individualized, Naturopathic approach allows you to better understand what foods are best for your body in terms of performance and preventative health. Dr. Egginton believes in realistic dietary changes that you and your family are motivated to make. Her background in education makes her a natural teacher to help families understand the nuances of nutrition and how they relate to health goals. For those who need the support of meal plans, Dr. Egginton can provide this at an additional charge.
Pain Management
A Naturopathic approach to pain management means identifying the root cause of the pain and using safe and natural approaches to treat the cause. The benefit of this approach is the elimination of risk of addiction and other negative side effects. Whether inflammation, structural issues or imbalances are contributing, Dr. Egginton’s approach will treat the pain – and your body – comprehensively. Naturopathic doctors’ anatomical understanding and training in hands on modalities make them uniquely skilled in identifying the root cause of pain.
Chronic Disease Resolution
Chronic disease inevitably impacts an individual’s quality of life and can be the result of compounding causes. By supporting the body’s innate healing mechanisms, we can improve energy and vitality and address root causes to help you feel your best.
Preventative Medicine
Given the rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer in this country, there has never been a greater need to be proactive about our health. Many of the diseases that fall under these categories are preventable; sometimes even reversible! Dr. Egginton finds that providing preventative care and education is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job since it can have such profound effects on the life of the individual patient as well as their family. Naturopathic doctors are experts in preventative and lifestyle medicine including optimizing nutrition, exercise, sleep and hydration to address personal risk factors. Identifying risk factors is the first step in prevention and can sometimes involve blood work or genetic testing. After identifying all potential risk factors, Dr. Egginton will work with you to develop a wellness plan that will address dietary changes, exercise routines, detoxification programs and supplement protocols specific to you. Exploring a preventative approach is important if you have (or have a family history of ) any of the following health conditions: cardiovascular disease, blood sugar imbalance, PCOS, alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal conditions, mood disorders, heavy metal exposure or cancer.
Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling
Nutritional and lifestyle counseling are a core piece of Naturopathic medicine. Even small changes in our routine and what we eat can have positive effects on how we feel. With advanced training in nutrition, Naturopathic doctors are qualified to help with all dietary concerns. They can design therapeutic diets, aid in detoxification and weight loss, help identify food or environmental allergies and determine appropriate supplementation for nutritional benefit. Changing habits, however, can be challenging so Dr. Egginton works with individuals to meet their exercise and dietary goals, better understand the foundations of health and explore all areas of their life that influence their health and well-being. Naturopathic doctors are also trained in counseling, a crucial component to effectively designing, implementing and maintaining new diet and lifestyle choices as well as sustaining a healthy mental and emotional perspective. Dr. Egginton uses CBT and Mindfulness exercises routinely in her work with patients.
Biofeedback involves using a computer to monitor certain physiological responses in your body. By generating instant information on how your body is working, it can provide insight and feedback into your physiological function. This has been found, through extensive research, to be especially effective for helping people decrease stress and anxiety. While practicing Biofeedback used to involve complex circuitry and computer programs, there are now apps that can help you routinely practice the Biofeedback techniques you learn at Balance Natural Medicine.
Specialty Testing
In addition to running routine lab work, Dr. Egginton often uses specialized diagnostic lab testing as part of your personalized wellness plan. Lab testing can help with diagnosis or to monitor your progress through treatment. Dr. Egginton uses a wide variety of testing in her work with patients; possible testing includes autoimmune testing, food allergy testing, micronutrient testing, neurotransmitter testing or environmental toxicity testing. Given its prevalence in our area, Dr. Egginton also frequently tests for Lyme. If you are curious about a specific test, you can call the office to see if we have it available.
We live in a toxic world and it is up to our organs of detoxification (mainly our liver and kidneys) to process these toxins and properly eliminate them. However overindulgence in unhealthy food or alcohol or overuse of pharmaceuticals, in addition to insufficient water intake and poor lifestyle choices, can result in sluggish or congested organs of elimination. When toxins start to build up, they can have a harmful effect on our body resulting in many chronic conditions. Most people benefit from an annual detoxification. If you are healthy and just want to optimize your organs of elimination, a detox can help to cleanse your body of harmful substances. Or if you are planning to get pregnant, a detox well before trying to conceive can help to create a toxic-free environment for your future pregnancy.
Our increasing understanding of individual genetics allow for more personalized medicine than has previously been possible. Looking at your individual genomics can help us to take a preventive approach to your health as well as provide insights on mysterious and chronic conditions. Nutrition and supplement recommendations can be tailored based on this analysis.
Microbiome Support
We now realize that our own health is closely tied to the microorganisms that live in and among us, what is known as the microbiome. If you are dealing with a chronic health concern – whether gut, mood or skin related – it can be important to investigate the role of the microbiome.
Craniosacral Therapy
Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands on technique developed by an Osteopathic doctor. Craniosacral therapy can help to release restrictions in the connective tissue that have developed due to stress, illness, accidents, or surgery. It is a relaxing and restorative treatment and Dr. Egginton recommends it for anxiety, musculoskeletal complaints, and chronic headaches in addition to other neurological concerns.
Though often confused with Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathy is a form of medicine all its own. It works by using minute doses of natural substances to stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Homeopathy is a gentle and safe treatment that can help a wide variety of symptoms and pathologies. It can be especially effective for children and adolescents given its safety profile and its ability to support the emotional plane through developmental stages. Dr. Egginton has studied Homeopathy extensively and can either incorporate Homeopathy into a Naturopathic approach or can see patients exclusively for a Homeopathic intake.
Pet Care
Dr. Egginton is a true animal lover and one of the things she has loved about studying Homeopathy extensively is that it is a very effective treatment for animals. In fact, veterinarians are generally more accustomed to using Homeopathy with their patients than most of the medical community in this country. If your beloved pet is suffering with a health concern or has been acting unusually or “not like themself” lately, Homeopathy may be able to help. Depending on the concern and the type of pet, Dr. Egginton does do home visits to observe the pet in its home environment which can help in selecting the best remedy.

“Our Mission is to create a community oriented practice where you and your loved ones can find a more holistic and preventative approach to health and disease and discover evidence-based options for healing and feeling your best.”


Dr. Abby Egginton, ND