Lexington, Massachusetts Location

The Lexington, MA office is located at 49 Waltham St in the “Manhattan Building.”

Call 914-919-9300 to schedule an appointment.



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Our office is located on the second floor of 49 Waltham St. Upon entering the building from the street-side entrance, proceed to the second floor. Our practice space is located in the “Rise + Tread” office space, which is down the hallway and on the right after reaching the second floor. Please wait in the sitting area in “Rise + Tread” for Dr. Abby Egginton to call you for your apartment.



There is parking available in the lot next to the building. Additionally, there is metered street parking throughout downtown Lexington.

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Lexington, Massachusetts
49 Waltham St
Lexington, MA 02421
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