When I went through treatment for cancer almost 20 years ago, we did not have the genetic insights we do now. And, complementary care was not what it is today.

I recall a casual mention of an acupuncturist that was available to me through the cancer center. But there was no clear information about how to access her care and in the midst of feeling overwhelmed by all my other appointments, I never managed to seek out her services.

Fast forward ten years…

I am serving as one of a team of Naturopathic Doctors in an Indiana University Cancer Center as part of my residency.

Our goal was for every patient coming to the Cancer Center to work with a ND and the cost for the care was covered by the hospital.

I can’t tell you how thankful most of our patients were to have complementary medicine wrapped into their cancer care. Their initial appointments were automatically scheduled for them and we would follow-up with them during their treatment.

One of my patients, Anne*, had been diagnosed with a rather aggressive ovarian cancer in her 70s.

She always came with her husband. This was a second marriage after her first husband passed away and they had only wed last year.

Despite the setbacks she had and was facing, Anne had the most positive and sincerely grateful personality. She and her husband were active, had done much traveling in the last year and enjoyed spending time with friends.

Throughout the time that I saw her, their travel was curtailed but their hobbies and social life were not.

She would often explain why she was so thankful to be able to work with me throughout her cancer treatment. She was motivated and had always been a healthy person and healthy eater but, she explained, when dealing with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and the time commitment of treatments and doctor’s visits, she did not have time to read books on how to tweak her menu planning for optimal health when fighting cancer.

She also appreciated the emotional support that sitting with me and the social workers on our team provided. I think that it helped her to keep her positive outlook and to have such a good outcome in the end.

Naturopathic care is something more than just fixing a problem. It is healing the person – the whole person.

What if you had that same support by your side helping you not only get better, but stay better, and maybe even feel better than ever?

What might have you accepted as just “the way it is” when you could be feeling at your optimal?

What if you could balance your health with the rest of your life?

I invite you to take that first little action and schedule an initial consult with me.

We’ll take the time to dig into whatever you are struggling with and create a plan to heal that takes into account the whole you. And goes beneath the surface to find the root of the problem.

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*Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.