If you’ve left some of your holiday shopping to the last minute, here are some health inspired ideas!

One of my favorite healthy gifts is tea. There are so many different herbal combinations that can support a calm mind, a restful night of sleep or any other health concern for which your friend or family member might appreciate some botanical support. When choosing a medicinal tea, it is important to choose ones that are responsibly sourced. I recommend checking out Mountain Rose Herbs and, for a more local option, Harney and Sons. If you’re looking for a tea tasting outing, a trip to Harney and Sons’ Millerton, NY or Soho tasting room is a lovely way to spend an afternoon this time of year. If you have a tea lover on your list, you may also want to consider gifting them with a new tea pot. I love the For Life teapots because of their design and how their strainers are suitable for a wide variety of different types of tea.

Shaped somewhat like a teapot but with a much different function, a netti pot can be another great gift; especially for those who suffer with allergies and sinus infections. Many of us pick up plastic netti pots at the local drug store when we’re in the midst of suffering from these symptoms but it can be nice to receive a handmade netti pot that makes more regular use a treat and thereby keeps those painful sinusitis symptoms at bay.

For those who are more focused on digestive health and enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, gifting them with a kit to try making kefir or kombucha can be a good way for someone to foray into the world of probiotics. Kefir is much easier to make at home than kombucha which takes a little bit more practice but both kits can be found at Culture for Health’s online store.

For those home cooks who are trying to cut out the plastics in their life which can be hormone disruptors, wax wraps can be great gifts for everyone this time of year – teachers, hosts, and neighbors – and can also be good stocking stuffers.

Stocking stuffers for those with their complexion in mind include a jade or rose quartz roller to provide a quick and easy facial treatment or clean beauty products. I recommend Dr. Hauschka for clean skin care products and makeup.

And for the athletes in your life, a foam roller can always be helpful for pre and post muscle care. Gaiam offers a range of different sizes and consistencies.

If you’re considering a more generous gift for helping create a clean home, a quality air purifier or water filter can be gifts that significantly help the health of your loved ones. For air purifiers, I recommend IQair and for water filters I recommend considering the Berkey filter.

Last but not least, for those who want to better understand their health concerns and address symptoms in a natural way, a gift certificate for a naturopathic consult can be a meaningful way to support their commitment to health in 2020. Email the office at info@balancenaturopathic.com if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for a friend or loved one to work with Dr. Abby.

Here’s to a healthy holiday! May you have a joyful time celebrating with family and friends.