You’re considering seeing a naturopathic doctor…

But what IS naturopathic medicine?

How does it work?

What can you expect from it?

Naturopathic medicine blends centuries-old natural, non-toxic therapies with current advances in the study of health. Things like lab testing, genetics, the amazing microbiology in your gut, and how each body system affects the others in a delicate balance.

And the truth is, often people see someone like a Naturopathic Doctor when they’ve run out of options and can’t find a solution to a chronic problem.

Or are just sick and tired of all the medications and side effects.

Here’s the difference:

Naturopathic medicine concentrates on whole-patient wellness instead of patching up isolated symptoms or sending you home with a prescription.

It’s medicine that is tailored to your unique biology and circumstances.

And it emphasizes prevention and self-care so you can stay healthy!

As a result, it tends to work well for those who suffer chronic problems and who want to not just feel less discomfort, but to truly feel better and healthier.

And those who want to know they are treating the root of the problem.

In fact, that is one of the core principles of Naturopathic medicine!

While standard medicine has the principle of “First do no harm,” Naturopathic doctors live by SIX… yes six!.. core principles that go much deeper into your whole wellness as a person:

Guided by these principles, Naturopathic doctors will spend a good amount of time just talking with you and listening to you; getting to know you and the challenges you face. And then follow up with appropriate tests to get actionable data about what’s going on within your body.

They will often cooperate with other branches of medical science… sometimes referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis or treatment when appropriate and incorporating a variety of perspectives and approaches into a holistic treatment plan.

Naturopathic doctors listen intently and seek to educate and share with you so you fully understand your own treatment and condition.

They work with you side by side along the journey of healing, prevention, and feeling your optimal self.

All because Naturopathic medicine is more than a reductionist, if-this-then-that approach to patching up symptoms and scuttling you out the door.

We’re nearly as invested as you are in seeing you healthy and feeling vital.

By now, you’re probably seeing the many benefits of working with a Naturopathic Doctor. So if you’re ready to discuss your treatment options, why don’t you go ahead and schedule an initial consult?

Next, I’m going to shine a light on the latest and greatest breakthroughs in medicine that we use regularly to get a deeper understanding of what is going on.

Genomic medicine (genetics and what they can tell us) and the microbiome (your gut!) are some of the most exciting areas of scientific research right now and also provide a great way to personalize an approach to health.

Research in genomics and the microbiome is opening whole new worlds of understanding.

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