In my practice since residency, I work with patients on a variety of concerns.

But regardless of the diagnosis, with most of my patients we’re working towards empowered health and balanced wellness.

During my fellowship, I worked with a woman named Carol.* Carol had been clinically depressed for most of her life.

I see a lot of patients with anxiety and depression and indeed most of us have experienced these symptoms at one point or another. But to shift a significant depression, with symptoms that have been with someone for almost 30 years, takes time.

But over the course of the year that I met with Carol, her depression did indeed lift, as measured by assessment scales.

What helped?

Well a number of things. We tested her genes so that we could target the appropriate pathways with supplementation, we worked on improving her diet, we used talk therapy and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) exercises and at home she began incorporating meditation and exercise into her day.

As her symptoms of depression lifted, her life changed for the better. She socialized more and ended up having the energy and fortitude to find a new job – one that she was excited about.

At the end of my fellowship, when we looked back at our year of work together, the changes that Carol made were truly exciting. But from day to day, those new habits required perseverance and dedication.

Many of my patients are so busy with their work that they describe not having the time to practice the self-care they know they should.

Sometimes what initiates their arrival in my office is a personal wake-up call.

This was the case for Katie* who had been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia and was feeling anxious about what to do given that she had been perfectly healthy prior to this news. I reassured Katie that a Naturopathic protocol would help and that her pathology report indicated we had time.

Katie was motivated to do anything that would help and after six months of a rigorous treatment plan, her next PAP was clear.

I love what I do because it provides options that you may not hear from your primary care doctor.

Options allow you to take a more proactive approach to your health which in turn leads to better health outcomes.

I sometimes hear stories from friends, patients or community members who didn’t really know all their options in the world of healthcare. And often in these stories I hear the toll that ended up having on their health.

This was the case for a friend of mine who suffered with a sinus infection for over a month which was successfully treated with antibiotics. But then the antibiotics lead to recurrent yeast infections and vaginal pain for that persisted for years!

She went to TEN (!) providers over this span of time to seek help for these frustrating symptoms but experienced no end to the pain.

The good news comes when she ended up moving to a new city where she learned about Naturopathic medicine. She sought out a Naturopathic Doctor who guided her through an elimination diet that ended up identifying the cause – gluten! – of the symptoms. Not to say that a gluten-free diet is beneficial for all but in this case it was certainly one of the pieces of the puzzle!

I want more people to know about Naturopathic Medicine so that they can discover options that may shorten their pain and suffering.

Want to know what your options are? Schedule an appointment and let’s discuss.

*Patient names have been changed to protect their privacy.